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Did you know you can claim tax back if you reside in the UK and you travel for work? HMRC rules can be complicated, however our tax experts at SWIFT Refunds are the best in class. We take care of your travel and vehicle tax refunds, offering a no refund no fee guarantee!


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SWIFT Refunds are a firm of accountants dedicated at getting you 100% of the money you are due back.


Each year an estimated £200m goes unclaimed just from travelling expenses alone, never mind subscriptions and uniform expenses!


Here at SWIFT, we take the hard work away making your claim easy as 1, 2, 3!


Our average refund is £2,500, and we are 16% cheaper than our main rivals


Same tax refund – 16% cheaper!!


Claiming your tax refund with SWIFT has never been easier!

From claiming tax refunds for using your vehicle to buying protective clothing and books for school, it needs a tax expert to get a tax rebate from HMRC. Claiming a successful tax refund can be a complicated process on your own, making the smallest mistake can leave you seriously out of pocket, not to mention the serious grief and penalties that go with it. Our tax refund experts have a close working relationship with HMRC and make the process as smooth as 1,2,3!



SWIFTS expertise in handling HMRC tax refunds is world-class. We take care of the whole process for you, so you never miss out or run into trouble. Try our Online Tax Rebate Calculator to get your tax refund claim started. It takes less than a minute to complete and gives an instant estimate of how much your refund will be.

When can i claim and how many years back can i go?

Its never to late to make a claim, as you can claim up to 4 years in back dated expenses. On average the first UK tax rebate is around we are seeing for our customers is around £2,300 however our largest is over £10,000!!

Theres is millions of pounds of unclaimed tax refunds that HMRC dont pay out every year. It is up to you to file your tax returns and HMRC are not in the habit of reminding you that you are owed money back. Thats where we come in, it takes less then a minute to fill in our form. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, click below now to get started!

Customer stories

``I got over £3000 back and went on holiday!``

I saw the SWIFT advert on facebook and thought I would give it a go. I work in the aviation engineering industry and use my own car to travel to base camp. I was happy when I spoke to SWIFT Refunds who informed me I was due a tax rebate of over £3000! This was the easiest money I ever got back! I used the money to book myself a holiday to Mexico.

Matt Hayes, Chester

Matt Hayes Story


15 reasons you may be due a tax refund

Everyone loves a Tax rebate from HMRC. In many situations overpayments of Tax occur without the Taxpayer knowing, or even HMRC having any knowledge.

With £180 million of unclaimed tax refunds lining HMRC’s pockets each year, it could be the most important minute you spend this week! You don’t even need to register.

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We protect your refund 100% with our SWIFT guarantee!

Once you receive your tax refund with SWIFT your money is 100% protected with our SWIFT guarantee. As long as the information you give us is accurate, if HMRC challenges your claim at a later date, we will pay it!! All part of the SWIFT Guarantee!


Other services


Year-end accounts can seem like an annual nuisance, let SWIFT Refunds take out stresses of preparation & filing of documents with Companies House annually for you.

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