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Assistant Manager Flynn Claimed back £1,500

“Hello. My name’s Flynn Presland. I’m an assistant manager in a children’s residential home. I was referred to Swift via a friend. I applied for a tax refund on my lunches when I’m working away from my work base. The process was very simple, I completed a few simple forms on my phone, a week or so later I received some further questions for clarification, and I signed the consent forms for Swift to work on my behalf. The process took a number of weeks and throughout this time I was kept up to speed on the progress of my claim. Finally, I was contacted with an estimate and a breakdown of the final payment minus the commission. I found the process through Swift, relatively effortless, since then, I’ve passed on my recommendations to friends. Thank you”

Flynn Presland

Assistant Manager
Nov 24, 2023

AA Patrolman Stuart received over £1,200 back

Hi my names Stuart Reyburn, I currently work for a roadside breakdown service and I’ve just used the Swift Tax Refund service. I have to say it was absolutely fantastic,  very very easy to use they guide you at every opportunity along the way make the process so much easier and I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody.

Stuart Reyburn

Patrolman - AA
Apr 4, 2023

Nurse Angelee claimed a tax rebate over £1,000

Hi, my name is Angelee Mogan, I’m a nurse on the community. Swift are very helpful, very approachable, they are very quick with questions I had, very good at emails and text messages. I would recommend Swift Refunds to many people, thank you.

Angelee Mogan

Mar 8, 2023

Civil engineer Dean claimed back over £500

Hi, my name is Dean and I work as a civil engineer. Richard contacted me via Linkedin regarding a tax return that I might be owed he took me through step by step and was always at the end of the phone to get me my return. Now I’m £520 better off thanks to Rich, great work Swift Refunds!

Dean Saunders

Civil Engineer
Feb 15, 2023

Fibre engineer Luke received over £700 thanks to Swift

“Hello my name is Luke Hawkins, I’m a fibre engineer for IQA Elecnor I claimed back £719 from Swift from the tax man thanks to Swift Refunds and Richard Evans. I connected with him via LinkedIn he told me the process and I’m very delighted and me and Richard have kept in touch ever since. So, I’d like to thank him and Swift Refunds for a speedy process. Thank you very much!”

Luke Hawkins

Fibre Engineer - IQA Elecnor
Feb 15, 2023

Hear what HGV driver Paul has to say about his experience using Swift

Hello, my name is Paul Teahan I’m a HGV lorry driver, I used Swift for my tax returns, I found them extremely professional and helpful from start to finish, they kept me informed with emails and phone calls, nothing was too much trouble! If you are wanting to claim on your tax returns I highly recommend Swift, thank you very much!

Paul Teahan

HGV Driver
Jan 24, 2023

Train Driver Liam claimed over £2,000

Hello, my names Liam Wheatley, my job title is a train driver, and my overall experience with Swift Refunds was very very good to be fair it was very easy. I didn’t really have to do a great deal and I was kept in the loop all the way through it, and it was a very quick process I think it only took, maybe between 6 to 8 weeks from starting the claim to finishing it, so, I was very pleased with the service and I’ve obviously recommended them to a lot of my colleagues.

Liam Wheatley

Train Driver
Jan 24, 2023

Customer service engineer Steve received over £1300

Hello my names Steve Hayward, I’m a customer service engineer for Openreach, I’ve had a tax rebate through Swift they done a great job and it’s always nice to get something back from the government so fully recommended, thank you bye bye.

Steve Hayward

Customer Service Engineer - BT Openreach
Jan 12, 2023

HGV driver Scott’s experience using Swift Refunds

Hi there, Scott Mclelland here I’m a HGV class 2 driver I used Swift Refunds and I’d just like to say they were very quick, professional in the way they dealt with my claim, very helpful. Made the whole process very easy so would highly recommend Swift Refunds.

Scott Mclelland

HGV Driver
Jan 11, 2023

Social care worker Helen claimed over £700

Hello, I’m Helen McCluskey and I’m a social care worker, I was referred by a colleague to Swift and I have to say from start to finish it was all very smooth, there were a few details I needed to put forward, but the communication was great. I was kept up to date with every process and I would highly recommend them I had a really good outcome with my claim.

Helen Mccluskey

Social Care Worker
Jan 11, 2023

Network engineer Shaun from Yorkshire claimed over £1300

My name is Shane Bass, I am an engineer for a communications company, my overall experience dealing with Swift Refunds from start to finish I would say is totally hassle-free, everything being dealt with online, leaving me with no hesitation to recommend this company to anybody.

Shane Bass

Network Engineer - Virgin Media
North Yorkshire
Jan 10, 2023

Delivery driver Joe claimed back over £700

Hi my names Joe Mcdonald, im a delivery driver, I would just like to thank Swift Refunds for my claim it was a fast process and support throughout the full refund process was second to none and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends, thank you.

Joe McDonald

Delivery Driver
Apr 4, 2023

Support Worker Lisa claimed nearly £500 back for her work expenses

Hi, my names Lisa Threadgould. I’d just like to give you a quick update on Swift Refund, I used it, loved it, got a lot of money back for expenses like food, no place to eat travelling expenses, etc. Fantastic, easy app to use, the apps fantastic if you download that as well because that keeps track of your next claim, which will maybe even more. So yeah make more money, claim back what your entitled to!

Lisa Threadgould

Home Support Worker
May 22, 2023

Civils Worker Robbie Claimed Nearly £2,000

“Hi there, so my name’s Robbie. I recently received my compensation from Swift Tax Returns. I’m a civils worker at Openreach and I managed to receive up to £2,000. Overjoyed with the compensation I received and I’ve highly recommended it to all my other colleagues. I’d like to thank Swift Tax Returns for all their help throughout the entire process, and thanks again”

Robbie Irons

Civils Worker - Openreach
Nov 24, 2023

Aircraft Engineer Nicole Claimed Back Just Under £2,000

“My name’s Nicole, I am in the Armed Forces and I just got a refund back from Swift. It was a really good experience with them all together, they were proper helpful every time I emailed them I got a reply back straightaway. It did take a while from when I handed the forms in, but I didn’t have to do anything and I got money in my bank account. As soon as it was handled by an agent then it took less than two weeks to get the money back, so yeah, I would recommend”

Nicole Sangster

Aircraft Engineer - Royal Navy
Nov 23, 2023

Royal Navy Engineer Wallace Claimed Back Almost £2,000

“Hello my name’s Wallace Brown, I’m an engineer for the Royal Navy Submarine Service. Just wanted to say how easy Swift Refunds was and how much they helped me In this process of doing my own self-assessment for my tax claim. I spoke to someone called Richard, he took me through the steps, sent me numerous emails, making my life a whole lot easier in the process and he literally rang me up, went through everything just made sure that I were content and made it so much easier for myself. So if I were anyone I would recommend them to you Swift Refunds, in the future and start by doing it today as well if you haven’t done any tax claims”

Wallace Brown

Royal Navy Engineer - Royal Navy
Nov 23, 2023

Landscape Gardener Calum Claimed Back 4 Years

“Hi there. My name’s Calum Gordon. I’m a landscape gardener, I applied for Swift Refund maybe four months ago, the application process was very easy the phone call to start off with is very easy as well. The lady was so helpful, it was very quick, hassle-free. I would recommend Swift Refund to anybody looking to get some kind of tax back or anything like that. So yeah, definitely the process was amazingly easy. They were so quick at getting my money and I can’t thank them enough.”

Calum Gordon

Landscape Gardener
Oct 18, 2023

Mobile Engineer Chris Claimed Over £1.4K

“I’m Chris a mobile engineer, I was told about Swift from a colleague who’s successfully got a claim. The process was really quick and easy. It took about 10 weeks to get my money. I’d highly recommend using Swift. They weren’t a problem at all any emails I sent were quickly answered. Go get your money!”

Chris Newson

Mobile Engineer
Oct 10, 2023

Security Guard Ihtasham

“Hi there, my name is Ihtasham Shamali. I work as a security guard, I recently acquired the services of Swift Refund for my tax refund. And I can safely say that it was the best service I’ve ever received I’d never had experience of getting my tax refund before. But this was my first time using Swift Refund and I would recommend this service to anyone who’s actually willing to do anything to do with the taxes. Thank you.”


Security Guard
Oct 9, 2023

Multi Skilled Engineer Joe Claimed Back £1500

“Hi, Joe McDermott here. My job title is, I work multi-skilled for a construction company. I was put onto Swift Refund by a friend. Very easy, they’re contacting me, emailed me through the process over a couple of weeks, brilliant. Come back to me and I’ve got £1,500, I could well recommend them to any of you. Thank you.”

Joe McDermott

Multi Skilled
Oct 9, 2023

Security officer William claimed back over £1.4K

“Hello, my name is William Wallace and I work as a mobile security officer. I find working with Swift Refunds very easy and the claim went through in a matter of a couple of months. I’ve recommended the process through Swift Refunds for a tax refund to all my colleagues who are now in the process of putting in a claim, I would advise anybody to do it! Thank you.”

William Wallace

Security Officer
Aug 22, 2023

Air Testing Engineer James Claimed A £600 Rebate

“Hi, my names James Nunn, I am an acoustic and air test engineer in Suffolk. We cover the whole of the UK, so we’re on a different building site every day. My friend told me about Swift Refunds, I filled out a few forms, left it about 2-3 months then this week I received £602 straight into my bank account. The whole service has been brilliant, all I had to do was fill out a few forms and that was it. So, thank you Swift Refunds all the money will go towards our holiday in 2 weeks’ time thank you!”

James Nunn

Air Testing Engineer
Aug 1, 2023

Security Engineer Matt claimed back over £2,000

“My names Matt, I’m a security engineer. my experience with Swift was good, really good. Any problems I had, they would email me back straight away, they always kept me updated with the process, told me exactly what I needed to send in, soon as it arrived from HMRC, and yeah. They told me how much I was gonna get and to be fair, it all come straight in once they said that the money was here it would be in my bank within 24 hours, it was pretty much within 4 hours it was in my bank. So, good experience would fully recommend it to anyone that’s in the industry.”

Matt Pinney

Security Engineer
Jun 27, 2023

Telecoms engineer Paul from Blackpool claimed over £1500

Hi, my names Paul Walker I’m a telecoms engineer and my experience with Swift Refunds was brilliant, they took care of all the paperwork, all the stress, all of the documents from HMRC and then they issued me with a nice big tax refund before Christmas, fantastic!

Paul Walker

Telecommunications Engineer - BT
Jan 10, 2023

Openreach engineer Keith claimed back over £900

Hi, my names Keith Pattison I work for Openreach, I used Swift refunds to claim my tax rebate back, was dead easy to use, I sent all the documents away in an email they sent me and within about 4 month I got my tax rebate paid straight into my bank account. I’d highly recommend Swift Refunds.

Keith Pattison

Telecommunications Engineer - Openreach
Jan 10, 2023

Patch lead Matt has received two tax refunds from HMRC

Hi, I’m Matt, I’m a patch lead for a telecommunications company, I used Swift Refunds the past couple of years, and I’ve received my refund with no stress, no hassle it’s been really really straightforward. I just uploaded my P60 in both events and the refunds have come through with no chasing, no stress. Really simple to use and just a great way to get a bit of extra cash.

Matt Shin

Patch Lead - BT
West Bromwich
Jan 9, 2023

Gas engineer Lloyd has received three tax refunds from HMRC thanks to Swift

Hi, my name is Lloyd, I’m a gas engineer, I’ve been using Swift Tax Refunds now for 5 years and the service has been amazing I’m so happy and I will continue to use them to claim my taxes back. Guys, well done you’ve done a great job and continue to do so to help other people as well. Thank you.

Lloyd Ndlovu

Gas Engineer - Utilita Energy Limited
Jan 9, 2023

Drainage engineer Daniel received over £1300 from HMRC thanks to Swift Refunds

My name’s Daniel Johnston and I’m a drainage engineer so I’m constantly on the move. Working with Swift was really easy any questions I had I just give them a bell and got straight through to them and especially on the run-up to Christmas it was a real lifesaver to try and pay for stuff and get sorted so was good to have that money come back to me, thank you.


Daniel Johnston

Drainage Operative
Jan 9, 2023

Openreach Engineer Dean got over £1800 tax rebate from HMRC because he is a mobile worker.

Hi, my names Dean Cummins, I’m a network and fibre engineer for Openreach. In relation to Swift Refunds, did exactly what they said they would do in the time they mannered that they said that would do it. Communication all the way through, and like I say no, no complaints id highly recommend them. They did, like I say, everything that they said they were gonna do. It was hassle free no problems at all, great thumbs up from me!

Dean Cummins

Telecoms Engineer - Openreach
Jan 6, 2023

Highway maintenance operative Chris received a tax refund of £2,500

Hi, Swift Refunds, yeah what can I say? Awesome! Didn’t think it was true when I first read about it, phoned swift refunds up and yes, I got a £2,500 refund and the following year £400 and something. So, it’s not a scam like a lot of people thought it was, very good, very fast. I paid the extra to have it fast-tracked and that was worth every penny. It’s made my Christmas this year very good! What can I say? I will refer more people and id give anybody advice just to refer and they’re good when they count with that as well, I’ve referred quite a few people and received my vouchers from Amazon as well, so Swift Refund thank you very much! Cheers, Merry Christmas.

Christopher Head

Highways Maintenance Operative
Jan 6, 2023

Train driver Paul claimed back over £1400 from HMRC thanks to Swift

Hi there, my name is Paul Butterfield, I am a train driver for South Western Railway and I have to say that my experience with Swift Refunds was utterly amazing from start to finish and made the whole process very easy, very simple. The staff are extremely friendly, very knowledgeable, very professional, and I highly recommend Swift Refunds. Yep, the whole process was made absolutely trouble-free, from beginning to the end which didn’t take long at all.

Paul Butterfield

Train Driver - South Western Railway
Jan 6, 2023

Scottish Support worker Daniel got over £1000 tax refund from HMRC

I used Swift Refunds in order to attain my tax refund and I would advise anyone else to do the same, they assigned me with an accountant and did a lot of the hard work that I wouldn’t of known how to do in order to get me the refund which was well over a thousand pounds, and I was very grateful for, I would advise anyone in the same situation, to also use Swift Refunds.

Daniel Stewart

Support Worker
Jan 6, 2023

RAC patrolman Karl got a £2000 tax rebate from HMRC after completing a 10-minute application form.

I was recommended Swift Refunds by a colleague, I was a bit sceptical at first, so I had a quick look on the website, filled out the forms, sent off the paperwork that they wanted just a few sort of standard little bits payslips, etc and sort of waited. A few short weeks later I had a nice little email telling me that I had £2000 on its way to me which is obviously a nice little bonus before Christmas. It was easy the whole way through, there was no pressure to do anything, there was no work on my part at all really, they pretty much did the whole lot for me. So yeah 10 out of 10 I would highly recommend them.

Karl Gilder

Patrolman - RAC
Jan 6, 2023

Big tax refund for rugby league player Michael Lawrence

I am the Huddersfield Giants team captain.  I just want to say a big thank you to Swift Tax refunds. They sorted out my self-assessment this year. I can’t recommend them highly enough. It was a straightforward process from start to finish and very simple. I was very happy with my return. So, for any sports professionals or rugby players looking to get their tax refund done, I recommend Swift Tax Refunds.

Michael Lawrence

Rugby league player - Huddersfield Giants
Dec 29, 2022

Jack Owens of Widnes Vikings Testimonial about getting £3000 tax refund

I’m Jack I am a professional rugby league player for the Widnes Vikings.  I was talking to the commercial director of the club about doing a tax return and they recommended I go see Swift Refunds.

I have never done a tax return before, so I didn’t really know exactly what I was doing. After going down and meeting Sharon and Denise, they took all the information needed and they did all the work from there. They were in constant communication throughout the whole process. This made me feel at ease knowing that I didn’t have to do anything.

Then a couple of months later I got a text from Sharon. She told me that I would be getting £3000 on a four-year tax return. I didn’t even know that you could go back four years, to be honest, I was just expecting the previous year.

So if you have never done a tax return before and you’re a bit like me and don’t know what you are doing I highly recommend Swift Refunds.

Jack Owens

Rugby league player - Widnes Vikings
Dec 29, 2022

Scottish RAC mechanic Mark received over £2,500 tax refund from HMRC

I always felt I was paying too much in tax but every time I looked into it I couldn’t work out why it was happening, Swift Refunds were recommended to me I used them they were effortless, they sorted everything out for me with no hassle whatsoever.

Mark Downie

Patrolman - RAC
Jan 9, 2023

Sky engineer Dave claimed over £1000 using Swift Refunds

Hi I’m Dave I’m a field-based service engineer, I’ve used Swift Refunds on a couple of occasions and found them both times to be really really helpful, really simple process had no issues with going through any of the paperwork, contacts always been great and got everything done really quickly and efficiently. highly recommend them, great service thanks very much.

Dave Riviere

Specialist Engineer - Sky
Jan 9, 2023

Sky engineer Joe claimed back nearly £900

Hello, my names Joe and I’ve just recently used Swift Refunds, I didn’t really have to do much didn’t take much time at all and I got nearly £900, anything they needed they just let me know and I gave it to them. I’d strongly advise using and easy way of getting a bit of money, thanks.

Joseph Reay

Telecommunications Engineer - Sky
Jan 10, 2023

Electrical engineer Nigel has received three refunds for being a mobile worker

Hello, my names Nigel, I’m a electrical engineer, my overall experience with Swift as a company was positive and fast, the turnaround times were second to none, kept me informed about everything to do with my claim, yeah and can’t recommend them highly enough It was a really good company I’ve used them a number of years now and like I say every time It seems to be no hassle no nonsense they just get the job done which is brilliant, thank you.

Nigel Bruce

Electrical Engineer - EON
Jan 10, 2023

Train manager Michal received 2 rebates from HMRC using Swift Refunds

Hello, my name is Michal I work as a train manager, I’ve used Swift Refunds twice so far, very good, professional, and efficient service. I can highly recommend it to you as I did to a lot of my colleagues.

Michal Wojcik

Train Manager - London North Eastern Railway
Jan 10, 2023

Matthew Hayes who’s in the RAF got a £3,506 tax refund

Hi, I’m Matt Hayes and I work in the aviation engineering industry, recently, I went ahead with a tax rebate through Swift. Smooth process and they kept me up to date through the entire way. I ended up with a hefty sum of £3,506. Nice one guys.

Matthew Hayes

Aviation Engineer - Royal Air Force
Jan 10, 2023

Security van driver Robert has had three tax refunds for working in security

Hi, my name is Robert Smith, I’m a van driver. I’ve been using Swift Refunds for a couple of years receiving very good tax refunds that I wasn’t aware I was entitled to. First class services, very attentive, very professional very happy, Excellent!

Robert Smith

CIT operative
Jan 10, 2023

Network service technician John received over £2000 using Swift Refunds

A colleague at work recommended that I contact Swift Refunds to see if I was eligible, I’m pleased that I went ahead and looked into this as I received a nice sum of money for my refund. Throughout the whole process, I was updated and kept informed of the progress of my case, thank you to Swift Refunds

John Cross

Network Service Technician - Thames Water Utilities
Jan 10, 2023

Telecommunications engineer Jason claimed back nearly £1000

Hi, my names Jason Bolton, I’m a mobile worker I work for a large telecommunications company. I’d just like to say the experience I had with Swift was fantastic, they helped you all the way through; helped you fill in the forms, kept you updated on anything that you needed to know, explained how much you’d get back they couldn’t be more helpful and I’m very grateful for the money that I’ve received back from them. I advise anybody else to try and do the same thing, good luck thank you.

Jason Bolton

Telecommunications Engineer - BT
Jan 10, 2023

Plant operator Scott received over £2,000

Hi there, my names Scott I’ve been using Swift for the last 2 years, I’ve just got over £2,000, all you need to do is fill out the easy forms and Swift do the rest it’s really that simple.

Scott Thomson

Plant Operator
Jan 10, 2023

Floorlayer Kevin from Cumbria received his second tax refund and has referred his friends

Hi, my name is Kevin Dunsmoir, Floor layer; used Swift just over 12 month ago and found it dead easy. Referred a few friends and got some £50 back as well. Also just got my first 12-month refund tax refund back as well. So even better, spot on dead easy.

Kevin Dunsmoir

Floor layer
Jan 10, 2023

Electrician Ian from Plymouth claimed over £2000

Good morning, I would just like to tell you about the excellent service I received from Swift Refunds, from the first contact to actually getting the refund, it was a smooth process, excellent communication, kept up to date on all the process, and overall, very happy customer. Thank you very much.

Ian Weaving

Electrician - Enerveo
Jan 10, 2023

Gas engineer Sean Grimes got over £1400 tax rebate

My name is Sean Grimes, I’m a gas engineer. I heard about Swift Refunds from the lads who I work with. They told me to try it out which I did do and they have managed to claim back just over £1400 which I’m absolutely over the moon with. The process was dead easy so yeah, glad I did it.

Sean Grimes

Gas Engineer
North West
Dec 29, 2022

We protect your refund 100% with our TAX BACK guarantee!

Not only do our customer testimonials speak for themselves, but when you claim with Swift you are also 100% covered by our TAX BACK guarantee!


Once you receive your tax refund with SWIFT your money is 100% protected with our TAX BACK guarantee. As long as the information you give us is accurate, if HMRC challenges your claim at a later date, we will pay it!! All part of the TAX BACK Guarantee!

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Everyone loves a tax rebate from HMRC. In many situations, overpayments of tax occur without the taxpayer knowing, or even HMRC having any knowledge.

With millions in unclaimed tax refunds helping HMRC’s bottom line every year, this could be the most important decision you make! You don’t even need to register as it takes less than a minute to fill in our form.

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A UTR Number (unique taxpayer reference number) is given to individual taxpayers, limited companies, and charities & trusts. Its purpose is to identify the person or company regarding their tax status, whether it’s for taxes that are outstanding to HMRC or for any tax refunds that you may be owed.

Read more about UTR numbers here >


How would you use a tax refund from HMRC? Would you pay down that nagging debt, take care of day-to-day expenses, or splash out on something crazy for the family? With the SWIFT tax rebate calculator, you can get a quick and easy estimate of the money you’ll get back from HMRC. It just takes a minute, and it costs nothing to find out what you’re owed.

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