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Can I Claim Tax Back?

Are you a mobile worker working in lots of different locations to do your job and think you may be due a tax refund? Well, find out whether you’re entitled to make a Tax claim by answering a few simple Tax-related questions below.

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How Do I Make a Mobile Workers Tax Claim?


Easy! Let Swift Refunds do the hard work you!

Claiming Tax back directly from HMRC can involve some serious number crunching and you really must know what you’re doing. For example, would you feel confident that you’re making the maximum claim. Would you feel comfortable knowing that an incorrect Tax claim can mean that you could get fined and penalised?

Let Swift Refunds take the hassle out of your Tax rebate claim and contact us today.




While you can claim directly from HMRC at no cost, it involves a lot of paperwork and time on your part. Additionally, mistakes made during the process can result in fines or your claim being rejected. By using our service, we’ll handle the paperwork and ensure that everything is done correctly, saving you time and potential headaches. Our fee of 24% plus VAT for successful refunds covers our expertise and time in dealing with HMRC on your behalf.

How far back can i claim?


  • Current legislation in the UK says you can go back up to four Tax years when claiming a Tax rebate. This means at the current moment in time you can make a claim for the following periods:
    • Year ended 5th April 2021
    • Year ended 5th April 2022
    • Year ended 5th April 2023
    • Year ended 5th April 2024


    Effectively this means you can claim Tax relief from 6th April 2020.

    Over such a long period of time wage slips and p60s can be lost or misplaced. This isn’t a problem as you have lots of ways to obtain this information.


    • Contact your current/previous employers as they are legally obliged to keep your records going back 6 years and because of GDPR if your request that information they have to provide it to you.


    • You could log into your government gateway which is easy to set up if you have never done this.


    • Contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and request that they post out to you a tax history letter which usually arrives in 10 working days from when you request it from them and this tax history letter will go back 4 years.

How long does a tax claim take?

How long Tax takes to come back depends on two things:

  • How fast you can get the required information to ourselves
  • How busy HMRC are, which depends a lot on what time of the year it is

The sooner you start a claim process, the better as it can tax 8-12 weeks for HMRC to process a tax refund.

As deadlines apply for making claims, we advise you get in touch as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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