Teaching Resources – One in five teachers using their own money to buy stationary

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Teaching Resources – One in five teachers using their own money to buy stationary

Teaching is a very rewarding while also an extremely demanding vocation, and our teachers are vital in the development of the next and future generations. So, when we found out that one in five teachers are using their own money to buy teaching resources once a week, we were shocked.

Nearly half of the 4,386 teachers surveyed by NASUWT said they spent their own money on buying basic necessities in the last year.

Three-quarters said they bought food, 29 per cent toiletries, and a quarter clothing or shoes.

Nearly half of those teachers said the amount they are buying has also increased.

Meanwhile, one in five teachers said they buy lesson resources with their own cash once a week; more than one in ten dips into their funds for supplies several times a week.

One teacher said:

“The worst thing to experience as a teacher is watching a hungry child who is in receipt of free school meals, having to stand and watch their friends eat breakfast before school or have snacks at morning break when they are hungry.
“Typically, I have used my credit on the prepayment system to give children cheese on toast or a hot drink, or any other hot food.”

Two-thirds of teachers say they have bought paper or stationery for their classroom, with over two-fifths buying textbooks or reading books.

The majority of these teachers said this was because of funding cuts.

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“Evidence shows that many teachers are facing financial hardship themselves as a result of year on year pay cuts, and yet faced with increasing child poverty some are shouldering further financial burdens to support their pupils.
Teachers once again are being left to pick up the pieces of failed education, social and economic policies.”

So if you’re a teacher and your reading this thinking “what can I do about this?” we have an great answer to that question.   Claim all the money back which you spend on teaching resources that you shouldn’t have paid out of your own pocket and get it back via a teachers tax refund. Our experts here at Swift will handle all the paperwork for you and we can go back up to 4 years. With the average 4-year claim coming in at £2500 what are you waiting for?