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1. Definitions


In these Terms and Conditions:


“We”, “us” and “our” refer to Swift Tax Refunds, a trading name of Swift Refunds Ltd. We’re a company incorporated in England and Wales (Company number: 11833696). Our registered office is The Brew House, Lower ground floor Greenall’s Ave, Warrington, WA4 6HL


“You” and “your” refer to you or anyone else using our Services, which are explained below, and services provided via our website, swiftrefunds.co.uk, that require you to enter personal information.


2. Our Services


At Swift Refunds, we submit a self-assessment tax return to HMRC on behalf of you to reclaim tax relief that maybe due.


2.1 Submitting your Self-Assessment Tax Return

Using all the information you have provided via form submissions; telephone calls, emails and text messages, SWIFT will assess; calculate, complete, and submit the appropriate signed forms to HMRC.


If HMRC requires you to submit a self-assessment tax return and SWIFT calculates a tax liability due to HMRC instead of a refund.   SWIFT will calculate how much tax you owe, advise you what liability is due to HMRC and by which date and submit your self-assessment tax return to HMRC.


2.2 Handling an enquiry from HMRC

If HMRC launches an enquiry into your self-assessment tax return, SWIFT will gather the required information from you and respond to all queries from HMRC until the enquiry is closed. If SWIFT submitted the self-assessment tax return, we will handle the enquiry free of charge. Any enquiries from HMRC must be dealt with by SWIFT. If you receive any correspondence from HMRC via post or telephone, please direct them to SWIFT. If you provide information to HMRC regarding your enquiry without your accountant’s prior approval, you will not be covered by the SWIFT GUARANTEE. We cannot handle enquiries for self-assessment tax returns that we have not submitted.


2.3 Tax Code

After your self-assessment is submitted to HMRC, your tax code may go up. If you notice this, we highly recommend that you contact SWIFT to have them removed back to your normal tax code. If SWIFT is notified of a tax code increase, we will automatically remove your employment expenses from your tax code with HMRC on your behalf. We remove the expenses as HMRC assumes that your travel and subsistence costs will continue to stay exactly the same. As our customers have varied workplaces and work patterns, it is more beneficial to our customers to remove any job expenses that HMRC add to your tax code. This will prevent you from underpaying tax if your circumstances change.


3. Our Obligations


3.1 We will accurately process all information you provide to us and take all actions necessary in connection with the provision of our Services as quickly as possible. The average time for a claim is 8 to 12 weeks with an additional 4-16 weeks or longer if HMRC run security checks or delay the claim in any way. The 8 to 12 weeks is a guideline timescale based on how long the average claim can typically take. We don’t guarantee to complete claims within this timescale due to the potential delays that can be caused by HMRC in some circumstances. The timeline of 8 to 12 weeks begins when our administration team have gathered all the information from you to start the claim and able to send off your 64-8 form and SA1 form to HMRC.


3.2 If you are late filing your self-assessment and you receive fines from HMRC this will be payable by you, unless the reason for the late return was due to SWIFT, then we will appeal the penalty and if unsuccessful we will pay the fine.


3.3 We maintain high standards of conduct in our dealings with government departments and others. We will decline to provide a Service if we believe that doing so may breach those standards. We will notify you as soon as we can if we decide not to provide a Service.


3.4 If you do not provide all the correct information for SWIFT to complete your self-assessment tax return, we cannot be held liable for the outcome of your self-assessment tax return.


3.5 SWIFT will not be liable for any delays in Tax Refunds being paid to you that have been caused by HMRC’s procedures and security checks.


4. Your obligations


4.1 You agree to co-operate with us so that we can provide the Services in

accordance with our obligations.


4.2 You agree to provide the information that we ask for promptly and to make sure that this information is true, accurate, correct, and complete, including taking all the necessary steps to obtain this information from other sources if required.


4.3 You agree to provide all information relevant to complete your self-assessment tax returns for the tax years you have selected on your form submission. If you do not supply all income and any other relevant information we request and we are unable to submit your self-assessment on time you will be liable for any late filing penalties incurred by HMRC.


4.4 You will keep accurate records such as receipts and bank statements. If your records are bank statements, you will be required to keep a food diary and mileage log to support your bank statements as required by HMRC. Bank statements alone are not sufficient to support your claim. If you purchase all your expenses via cash only and have not kept receipts, then we will be unable to process your claim.


4.5 You must tell us about all your sources of income and the amounts you receive, for every tax year for which SWIFT is completing a self-assessment. You must also provide honest, accurate and correct details of the money you have spent for the purposes of your work or business.


4.6 You accept that you may have to pay back any money received where the claim was based on incorrect information provided by you. If that happens, you will have no right to claim back any money from Swift, including our fee, unless we have made an error.


4.7 For SWIFT to proceed with your claim you must have no outstanding debts with HMRC and must not be declared bankrupt or under an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement).


5. Our fees


5.1 Under normal circumstances we take our fee from your refund when we receive it from HMRC. If liabilities are owed to HMRC we reserve the right to recover the full charge from you for services provided. If there is no refund due but you have to file a self-assessment (e.g. if you’re self-employed) we will ask you to pay our fee before we submit it.


5.2 For a submission of a self-assessment, our standard fee is 22% of the value of the claim plus VAT. A minimum fee of £47.5 + VAT always applies. Our SWIFT Fast Track option fee is 27% of the value of the claim plus VAT. A minimum fee of £62.5 + VAT always applies.


5.3 For submission of a CIS self-assessment, our standard fee is £180 plus VAT. Our CIS SWIFT fast-track self-assessment fee is £200 plus VAT.


5.4 If we have received your UTR number from HMRC and an accountant has been assigned to work your case and you then contact us to cancel, you will be charged our minimum fee of £47.5 + VAT per tax year that we were instructed by you to open and file a self-assessment for. If we have not received your UTR number and you call to cancel, then there is no charge. However, when you do get your UTR number from HMRC it will be your responsibility to contact HMRC and instruct them to close your self-assessment record.


5.5 In the event of an enquiry from HMRC, SWIFT will require you to provide all information needed to support your claim. If you cannot or will not provide this information, then you will still be charged the expected fee.


5.6 The calculations and computations we produce to submit your Tax Return are for our use only. If you use these calculations to submit your own or a fraudulent claim, we will seek payment for our work. We will take all legal and necessary action to recover any fees owed to us.


5.7 If HMRC sends a refund directly to you, you will be invoiced for our fee. We will take all legal and necessary action to retrieve any fees owed to us.


6. How we handle your refund


6.1 You authorise us to receive payment of all sums relating to Tax Refunds claimed by SWIFT on your behalf. We will deduct our fees from the sums received and promptly forward the balance to you.


7. SWIFT Fast Track Refund


7.1 SWIFT Fast Track service reduces the typical waiting time from an average of 8-12 weeks down to 6-8 weeks however this is a guideline, not a guarantee as HMRC can cause delays that are outside our control.


7.2 You can opt-out of the SWIFT Fast Track process by telephoning or emailing SWIFT If you do, your claim will follow our standard process and fees. You can only opt out of the Fast Track process if you have not yet been assigned an accountant.


7.3 We reserve the right to transfer any client at any time from the Fast Track process to our standard process at our standard fee.


7.4 Fast-track is only open to new clients. All existing client claims will be processed through our standard process.


8. SWIFT Guarantee


8.1 Under the SWIFT Guarantee, if HMRC opens an enquiry into your claim, we will handle the enquiry free of charge. If the enquiry results in any money being repayable to HMRC, we will make the repayment provided you have given us full and accurate information about your income, outgoings, and any money you owe HMRC. You must be able to provide the information required as part of HMRC enquiries. Failure to engage in this process will result in the SWIFT Guarantee being withdrawn.


8.2 The SWIFT Guarantee does not apply, and you will have to make the repayment if:


  1. You have provided incorrect or incomplete information, or
  2. You cannot provide proof of purchase as stated in section 4.4 of your obligations or
  3. You liaise with HMRC without prior approval from your accountant which is stated in section 2.2 Our Services or
  4. In the event of an enquiry from HMRC, you will not or cannot provide the information we require to support your claim or
  5. Your accountant has advised you are not covered by the Swift Guarantee or
  6. You owe HMRC money due to other reasons or
  7. The repayment is for a claim we did not submit.


9. Data protection and money laundering


9.1 We are registered for Data Protection with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and our number is ZA791613. We operate under strict security measures to protect personal information. This includes following certain procedures (for example, checking your identity when you phone us) and encrypting (encoding) data on our websites.


9.2 Any personal data you provide to us will only be used to carry out our Services.


9.3 You agree to us storing this data in paper and/or electronic form. We will securely store all your documents for 3 years in accordance with the retention policy guidelines, after this point, they will be securely destroyed in accordance with the ISO BS EN 15713 standard of Secure Destruction of Confidential Waste. If you require your documents to be returned to you within

this timeframe, please contact us.


9.4 We reserve the right to record and monitor some telephone calls, emails and other electronic communications for training and quality purposes.


9.5 We may contact you by using any contact details you have provided. You can ask us not to send you any information on our offers or services at any time by contacting us.


9.6 We will not pass your details to anyone outside of SWIFT Refunds Ltd.


9.7 We are registered under the UK’s Money Laundering Regulations (no.238554). The legislation requires us to check your identity and keep evidence that we have done so. We will ask you to send us a photographic ID and two proofs of address so that we can provide the Services to which this legislation applies.


10. Refer a Friend


10.1 Refer a friend Amazon voucher will only be paid if your friend’s refund exceeds £375.00.


10.2 For every qualifying friend once they receive their refund a £50 Amazon voucher will be paid to the person who referred them. If that person has referred 5 qualifying friends and once the fifth friend receives their refund a bonus of £250 Amazon voucher will be paid.


10.3 Amazon vouchers will be processed within 10 working days after the qualifying friend has received their refund.


10.4 If you have referred a friend to us but you personally are not a customer of Swift then you will need to refer a minimum of two friends before we begin paying the refer a friend reward. Once the first two friends you refer receive their refund, we will then pay you £50 for each so £100.



11. If you need to complain


10.1 If you are not happy, please let a member of our staff know as soon as possible. In most cases, your complaint will be resolved immediately. If you wish to take it further, please follow our Complaints Process below.


10.2 Complaints process


To log a complaint please email complaints@swiftrefunds.co.uk. Please provide your name number and address details and our complaints department will respond within 2-10 working days.

Our complaints department will then try to deal with the issue by; Establishing what has happened so far, and who has been involved. We will clarify the nature of the complaint and what remains unresolved and clarify how we can resolve the issue. When the course of action has been decided and carried out, we will confirm with you that the issue has now been resolved and the complaint is closed.


10.3 If you want to make a formal complaint instead, please write to the


Complaints Team Manager

SWIFT Refunds Ltd:

The Brew House,

Lower ground floor

Greenall’s Ave




10.4 Your written complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 2 – 10 working days of its receipt. The reply will include information about how the issues raised will be dealt with, and a written commitment to send a formal, written, response within a further 20 working days.

What Can I Claim Tax Back On?

You can claim tax back on most work-related expenses. Below is a list of items that you can request a tax rebate on:


• Vehicles for work use
• Fuel/Mileage costs
• Travel expenses
• Overnight expenses (food in certain circumstances)
• Rail Tickets (single & season tickets)
• Uniforms, work clothing, and tools
• Cleaning costs for uniforms
• Professional fees, subscriptions & unions fees


This list is an example of what you could claim back; there may be expenses & items specific to the job role that you could claim back.

What are the Deadlines?

  • Current legislation in the UK says you can go back up to four Tax years when claiming a Tax rebate. This means at the current moment in time you can make a claim for the following periods:
    • Year ended 5th April 2020
    • Year ended 5th April 2021
    • Year ended 5th April 2022
    • Year ended 5th April 2023


    Effectively this means you can claim Tax relief from 6th April 2019.

    Over such a long period of time wage slips and p60s can be lost or misplaced. This isn’t a problem as you have lots of ways to obtain this information.


    • Contact your current/previous employers as they are legally obliged to keep your records going back 6 years and because of GDPR if your request that information they have to provide it to you.


    • You could log into your government gateway which is easy to set up if you have never done this.


    • Contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and request that they post out to you a tax history letter which usually arrives in 10 working days from when you request it from them and this tax history letter will go back 4 years.

Are you owed Tax back from HMRC? Find out today

Am I Due Any Tax Back?

Most workers, whether employed or self-employed may be due a tax rebate for work-related items, expenses or because they have paid too much tax. HMRC do not know everyone’s individual circumstances, and it is up to the taxpayer to contact HMRC to see if they are entitled to any tax relief.


Other reasons for a tax refund may include pension payments, redundancy payments, interest from a savings account, PPI, or UK income if you are living aboard.


All claims for tax refunds and rebates are reviewed on a case by case basis. Use our tax claim form and answer a few simple questions to see if you could be entitled to make a claim.

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