my tax refund

How long to get my tax refund from HMRC?

What are the normal tax refund processing times?

The time it takes is highly affected by how busy HMRC are when the claim is submitted but in most cases a refund will be issued within 8-12 weeks of receiving your application.

There are several reasons why you may be owed a tax refund. If you’re employed and pay tax through PAYE, this may have been calculated incorrectly, or your self-assessment tax return may have had errors causing you to overpay your tax. If this has happened and you think you are owed a repayment from HMRC then I am sure you will be wondering how long does a tax refund take?

Is there any way to get a tax refund faster?

There are a couple of things that can be done to help the process along and get your refund through the system as fast a possible.

1) Make sure you have all the information and paperwork required so that HMRC don’t have to request more information as this will add more delays to the process.

2) Try not to submit your refund application during HMRC’S busiest periods. For example, just before the self- assessment deadline which is at the end of January.

Can you track your refund progress?

To find out more information about how long it takes to get a tax refund it may be possible to contact HMRC to find out how long it will take to receive your tax rebate. However, it generally isn’t worth contacting them before 5 weeks plus you will spend lots of time sitting by the phone and may not even get an answer when you get through to the HMRC adviser.  The best way would be to have someone doing all the chasing for you and that’s where Swift Tax Refunds comes in. We will make sure you get the largest refund possible and do all the chasing up so you can get on with other things in your life while we do everything else.                   

How long does a tax refund take to be paid?

Once your refund has been authorised, the length of time it takes for your HMRC repayment to be issued is normally relatively short, although exactly how long your tax rebate takes depends on how you are going to be paid:

If you believe that you are owed a tax refund, and especially if your claim is relatively complex, then we would recommend contacting us so we can assist you in compiling your refund. Going with the experts will ensure that everything is done properly from the begging and HMRC will have what they need. With all their questions answered correctly at the start you will find that your refund progresses much faster compared to those who have made mistakes or missed things out.